Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Of The Same

So I just stumbled upon a site, out of complete accident.. The author of the site happens to have the same first&last name as my own. I was actually ....embarassingly ....googling my own name, to be completely honest, and saw this link:

Of corse I had to find out what it was, ...a site created as a joke with narotic pictures of me, dressed in so much as nothing? an unhappy former lover, posting up comments to fellow males warning them of my over-emotional self? or just another Melissa McArthur who lives somewhere peaceful, with dreams of her own to excell in the creative world.... ?

Unfortunately this website has disclosed all of its details and leaves us only with a simple drawing and beneath it lies one of the most understanding quotes. One that, after reading, makes you feel like a piece of your heart that was lost has been found again. And this time it speaks and says with a warm welcome, 'Things will be amazing one day, you will find that boy who right now you think will never exist. Lightening will strike Mel!'.

So I would like to thank this website, or the me who found a way into the future and produced this website. Thank you Melissa.

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