Monday, April 5, 2010


As a believer in many things, one of them is blogs. I've been a committed blog slut, i.e entering one blog and falling in love with the blogger & their pages upon pages of posts then from that, opening twenty other links creating paths to even more amazing blogs, and shamelessly never getting ack to any of them !

So here is my cure. Create my own personal blog and link every notable and worthy link that I can possibly find to expand the creativeness and expressions of other like-minded designers. Well also as an attempt to keep my internet browser tab free. So here goes, to my diary of posts!

p.s This is a blog that leans towards the following: design as a whole; typography; graphic design; love; family; markets; the future; boys; friends; photography; life & the unknown (anything on is list that may come up.!..)

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