Sunday, May 8, 2011

Forget What You Know About Earth

Now imagine Earth is a person 46 years old

The Earth is thought to be around 4,600 million years old,
an almost inconceivable time-span. 

For the moment,
think of it as someone in middle age, 46 years old.

This person is a late developer. 
Nothing at all is known about their first seven years
and only sketchy information exists until about the next 35 years.

It is only at the age of 42 that the Earth began to flower.

Dinosaurs and the great reptiles did not appear until a year ago,
when this planet reached 45.
Mammals arrived only eight months ago.
In the middle of last week,
human-like apes evolved into ape-like humans,
and at the weekend the last ice age enveloped the earth.

Modern humans have been around for four hours.
During the last hour we discovered agriculture.
The industrial revolution began just a minute ago.
During those sixty seconds of biological time,
humans have made a rubbish tip of Paradise.

We have caused the extinction of many hundreds of species of animals,
many of which have been here longer than us,
and ransacked the planet for fuel.
Now we stand, like brutish infants,
gloating over this meteoric rise to ascendancy,
poised on the brink of the final mass extinction
and of effectively destroying this oasis of life in the solar system.

I'm not too keen on the preachy stuff at the end, although I'm sure it's completely true, but I just love the way they describe Earth and really put human existence into perspective.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

raspberri cupcakes: Fancy Gems Mini Choux

raspberri cupcakes: Fancy Gems Mini Choux: "I'M BAAACKK!!! Did'ya miss me??? Of course you did :P After an amazing 3 weeks in KL that I spent shopping, eating and getting pampered on..."

{penguins and parentheses}: Spot The Cake

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cute as a Button

I wish I had a sewing room, just so I could plaster one wall with this cute button wallpaper.


I have discovered a magazine that explores design, creativeness, art, fashion and whole lot of awesome things that has drawn me towards buying a copy, I even thought aout subscribing !

Its name is Wallpaper* so follow this link and check it out ;)

I have to say that my favourite mag is still Frankie, and if you've never heard of this magazine, it's straight-shooting, funny, intelligent and inspiring. It is all about individuality - manifested in the editorial perspectives, design values, fashion coverage and a mindset that allows for an absolutely unique point of view and celebrates individuality. Frankie – change is one thing I don’t mind.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Of The Same

So I just stumbled upon a site, out of complete accident.. The author of the site happens to have the same first&last name as my own. I was actually ....embarassingly ....googling my own name, to be completely honest, and saw this link:

Of corse I had to find out what it was, ...a site created as a joke with narotic pictures of me, dressed in so much as nothing? an unhappy former lover, posting up comments to fellow males warning them of my over-emotional self? or just another Melissa McArthur who lives somewhere peaceful, with dreams of her own to excell in the creative world.... ?

Unfortunately this website has disclosed all of its details and leaves us only with a simple drawing and beneath it lies one of the most understanding quotes. One that, after reading, makes you feel like a piece of your heart that was lost has been found again. And this time it speaks and says with a warm welcome, 'Things will be amazing one day, you will find that boy who right now you think will never exist. Lightening will strike Mel!'.

So I would like to thank this website, or the me who found a way into the future and produced this website. Thank you Melissa.